I was going to make an introductory post to enlighten all of my zero followers about my inspiration for starting a blog, but I remembered that no one gives a damn. Rather, I’m going to lose my blogging virginity talking about credibility, which seems like an appropriate choice given that embarking upon this endeavour semi-anonymously has left me with absolutely none.

Do you know why we exclusively listen to credible figures, even for something as subjective as basic life advice? Most would argue that it’s because we can be more certain on the validity of an opinion of whatever psychological phenomenon if it came from the mouth of Dr. SevenPhDsToMyName. Of course there is some truth in that, but I think it goes even further. I know it goes even further. That is just something you tell yourself to leave your ego out of it.

When Steve Jobs reads a professionally written speech with the old cliche of “it’s all about having a positive mindset,” it is not the same as when your high school features the janitor that has worked tirelessly for 15 years on its “Humans of _________” page saying “it’s all about having a positive mindset.” But why should one person have more authority than another when speaking about the benefit of a positive mindset?

It’s because if you were to take life advice, or any advice, from your high school sanitation engineer (regardless of how great they are), then you’re admitting to yourself that you have less credibility on subject XYZ than they do. It would be a way of surrendering your authority to someone who you (most likely) don’t aspire to become, which is not something that many are secure enough to accept.

Your ego is probably getting so big that you think the only person who could possible challenge you intellectually at this point is a Doctor of Philosophy from Harvard. And of course, I don’t blame you. We’re all guilty of it for a reason and it’s perfectly logical.

I am here to see whether it is possible to break through this wall of pride if my writing has enough appeal.

So if you’re bold enough, prove to yourself that you can break this innate desire to cherrypick your sources because your ability to think critically trumps your subconscious psychological bias. Listen to that janitor – you may learn something.

Welcome to my blog!