The Pensives

"The truth is like poetry, and most people hate poetry."


I always look to better understand the “why” behind my actions, and this constant desire to question what I think I know so I can wake up being more certain of who I am, is what drives me.

This cycle of convincing myself that I can always learn has educated me more about psychology and human behaviour than any degree ever could. If you aren’t afraid of learning something new, something that perhaps contradicts a belief system you’ve had in place for years, then I happily invite you follow along.

Perhaps I’m delusional and perhaps I’m egotistical, but I feel like I have something to contribute. My unique life experiences have left me with perspectives that very few share, and I hope to be able to articulate these perspectives and opinions well enough for you to perhaps see something you hadn’t seen before.

If you agree with me, wonderful! If you disagree with me, tell me because there is nothing that develops a mind more than good ol’ dialogue!

I look forward to chatting with you all!




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